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Mad Support (Fire Stick and access device)

So first you might ask what the heck is MAD and why do you need to support it? For starters, MAD means Media Access Device, which is any device that gives you access to streaming or stored content (movies, music, TV, radio, etc.). And that's where a great program like KODI comes along with new way to provide content in an open source application. The developers of KODI have created a nonprofit organization that sees things the same way we see them here at Bleustream. We all deserve content without someone dictating what we watch, when we watch, and how we watch it. If you love the Kodi program as much as we so, please reach out to them and say "Thank you" with a donation. If we all contribute to the media revolution, we can all continue to enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

With any revolution come challenges

Kodi is an open-source app which allows third party developers to create TV addons for it. The combination of Kodi and TV addons has created this new powerful tool (we at bleustream are calling the IpTV revolution). This allows people to access literally anything, any time, anywhere in the world. (Whoops did I just say that out loud?) Yes it's true and people are slowly becoming aware of its potential. But what has happened recently is that some of the TV addons have come under scrutiny. So, through no fault of its own, Kodi has found itself in the middle of a media revolution.

Well, pay attention because there are content and access companies (like Bleustream) that are coming to the rescue! Guess what- it is free and we are happy to help you navigate the rough waters.

We've learned a thing or two and come to realize that accessing all that great content isn't so straightforward or easy as it aught to be. And in the process of trying to upgrade or upload apps onto your media device, you find yourself out there with a device with a broken warranty and with no support.

So if you have a Media Access Device (a MAD), don't get sad- get support! We have created a plan for you backed by our years of experience to support any device, regardless where you got it and what you are doing with it. We have the knowledge to help and if you find yourself needing support, check out the great opportunity to keep playing with the information that is still ours www.bleustream.com.

This MAD (Media Access Device)Plan covers any device from anywhere in any condition - new or used. Try us out and see what we can do. Remember there are other devices out there and we are happy to work with all of them! Example: Sling TV.

For basic questions try the free service option and check us out. Register for free, contact us for free, see what we are capable of and see what we can do for you. Have a little more complicated problem needs ongoing support? Try the one-year plan for direct contact unlimited support. And if you believe your device completely out of commission, then try the full Hardware/Software Combination service.

Check them all out and drop us a line. You will find we are very capable and very knowledgeable - www.bleustream.com.

Thank you for checking us out and remember that BLEUstream is on your team.

Which Devices Are Covered?

At this time we service Amazon Fire TV Stick but we are working on extending our coverage to Apple TV and Google Chrome Stick in the near future, so please stay tuned for more exciting offers from Bleustream! Here are the plans and prices:

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Legal Note: Please beware it is prohibited to use any product or software to access any copyrighted programing without the authorization of the service provider.

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